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Michiko Michi Egger’s musical journey began as a 5 year old when her father, a drummer, sat her behind the drum set. She also began tap dancing lessons, which she refers to as, drumming with your feet. The following year, she added piano to her repertoire, practicing for many hours each day. At the age of seven, she wanted to study the violin but, when a suitable instructor couldn’t be found, she decided to study guitar instead. By her 9th birthday, she also took up the clarinet in a high school concert band, and began studying voice. Classically trained in the latter, she had zipped through the Vaccai lesson book within a matter of months. In 6th grade, she played in her first band with her dad and two high school students. We played a lot of Green Day, she laughs. During this time, Michi was still studying drums, guitar, piano, clarinet, voice, and dance, while maintaining her honor roll status in school, and it was apparent that something had to give. Dance was the first to go when Michi suffered an injury in 7th grade. Around this time, Michi began working professionally, playing guitar in the orchestra pit for various musicals, as well as playing in a big band, which was comprised of mostly school band directors. In the summer of 2009, she attended the Guitar Sessions program at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she was selected to audition for a scholarship to the prestigious school. That was before anyone realized that she was too young to qualify. She has also studied with one of the nation’s top jazz guitarist, Sheryl Bailey, at The Collective in New York City. In 8th grade, she began teaching guitar lessons at her studio.

As she entered high school, she began to gig more. She joined the Robin McNettBand, playing country music, as well as playing blues/rock with Ann Kerstetter and the All Star Band of Cronies. Michi rarely misses playing jazz guitar every week with Grammy-winner, Steve Mitchel, and his band at the Bullfrog Brewery’s Sunday Brunch Jazz Workshop.

She also has a weekly stint as part of a jazz guitar duo with grammy nominee, Mark Tomeo. Being versatile and a strong chart reader allows her to feel comfortable in any musical situation. She has worked with many seasoned musicians in the Pittsburg, Williamsport, Scranton & Harrisburg areas, including: Jeremy Hummel (Breaking Benjamin), Melissa Reeves, Freddie Stover, JT Thompson, the Blind Chitlin Kahunas, and Paul Smith (The Badlees). Michi has also appeared on WVIA-TV’s Homegrown Concert series.

As a songwriter, Michi’s first composition was about her pet hamster, at the age of 9. In 9th grade, she was writing songs for her history and biology classes for extra credit. By the end of 10th grade, her focus was solely on guitar and song writing. In August of 2010, she released her first CD, entitled, , which consists of 15 original songs. Her sound is a combination of jazz, blues, rock, country, and folk. She is influenced by many artists, in many genres. Her style is uniquely her own. Recently, Michi was invited by Dick Boak of Martin & Co. to become a member of Martin & Co.’s Artist Relations Program, and is the proud owner of their new Performing Artist Series model OMCPA3. She was also invited to participate alongside Martin artist & clinician, Craig Thatcher, at a Martin clinic in Williamsport.

She still studies guitar with her mentor, Tim Breon, as she believes that you never stop learning. And, she continues to perform and write music. In January of 2011, she released her second album, entitled , containing 8 acoustic originals. This October, Michi will release her third CD, Where Your Heart Is, which was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Bret Alexander of The Badlees. With over 90 original songs, she plans to hit the recording studio again soon.

As a songwriter, I draw inspiration from many different types of music. My influences tend to range from John Mayer, to Keith Urban, to Fiona Apple, to Eric Clapton, to Radiohead, and even to Green Day; the list could go on forever! I find that I’m constantly writing, just as life is constantly happening. All my life experiences are put to music; whether it’s the discovery of new love, or the loss of a friendship, I put all of my emotion into writing songs about those events in my life. People sometimes ask me if the things I write about are real because I’m so young, and they find it to be baffling that I write about love the way that I do. It’s all true; I couldn’t lie about the things that have happened to me. If I made up stories, the songs wouldn’t have real emotion. They wouldn’t be real to me. A large majority of my songs are guitar based, primarily because of the fact that I’m a guitar player first. I’m more often recognized as a guitar player that happens to be able to sing and write music. And honestly, that’s the way I see it, too. I think that my music is sort of a window into my life, or into my head. If you want to know me for who I really am, just listen. Michi